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Give today to save animals like Toby!

Your support does incredible things year-round for the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS). Because of your gifts, so many homeless and neglected animals in our community get a second chance. Every gift you give to AHS is put to use thoughtfully and efficiently to help as many animals as possible. Your generous support gives these homeless [...]

Does Your Shelter Need Help?

Georgia Shelters Impacted by Hurricane Dorian The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (formerly known as SAWA) is working collaboratively with Atlanta Humane Society as well as national and regional emergency response leadership to pair resources with the needs for animals and pet owners in affected areas. As with any disaster response effort, there will be [...]

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165 German Shepherds Rescued

On Thursday, January 3, the Atlanta Humane Society’s Animal Protection Unit responded to a neglect case involving approximately 165 German Shepherd Dogs on a property in Metter, GA. After carefully assessing the scene alongside the Candler County Sheriff’s Department, over 150 dogs ranging in age and health status were found living in extremely neglectful conditions. [...]


A tiny kitten. Huddled on the ledge of a bridge off I-20. Cars whizzing past directly under her.  Bridget had no where to run but straight into traffic or straight off a bridge. But then, a warm hand swooped around her. The young gentleman had put himself in danger to rescue her, and he picked her up [...]

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A kind man came to our Howell Mill Campus with a tiny puppy curled up in his arms. She was all but skin and bones, and only had a few tiny patches of fur on her body. We rushed her into care and named her Maggie. Sweet Maggie is suffering from mange, an [...]

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Puppy and Kitten Season

It's not planned. But you can plan on it. Puppy and Kitten Season. Each spring, the Atlanta Humane Society sees a sharp uptick in the number of litters of puppies and kittens that arrive at our doors. They're cute, they're adorable, but they all need their shots and to be spayed or neutered. It [...]

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