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Abigail was rescued from a cruel and neglectful situation in Murray County, GA. She and 77 other dogs were living in squalor with dirty water, little food, and no access to much-needed medical care. Your support allowed us to bring these sweet souls back to Atlanta. Sweet Abigail was covered head to toe [...]

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Her face should have been soft, bright white, and hopeful. Instead, she was tinged brown, fleas crawling all around in her matted fur, and her eyes were pleading for help. Perhaps for the first time, Petunia was safe. And she would soon know what it felt like to be cared for and truly loved.  Our [...]

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In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, many Carolina shelters were pleading to clear space in their shelters so that they would be able to take in as many displaced animals as possible. Miggie came to the Atlanta Humane Society from one of those Carolina shelters, and when he arrived, we knew he needed more than shelter [...]

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Samantha arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society seeking refuge from Hurricane Florence. When she was carried off the truck, we knew she needed more help than most of the other pups that arrived with her. Our Shelter Medicine Team immediately began working on sweet Samantha and noticed hair loss, skin irritation, and malnourishment were plaguing [...]

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Tiny Bucky was brought to our friends at Dekalb County Animal Services with a severe injury- he couldn't put any weight on his front left paw, so they reached out to us, and we gladly took this guy into our care.  Our expert Shelter Medicine Team performed x-rays and saw that Bucky's leg was badly [...]

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When Linus came into our care, we knew something was wrong. He could barely stand up, and couldn’t walk on his own. He was dehydrated, confused, and helpless. Our Shelter Medicine Team began running tests on Linus to determine the cause of his neurological issues, and what they found was shocking. His neurological issues were [...]

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Hutch had a broken heart. One of his valves was so small, blood wasn't moving through his heart properly. Without surgery, he would only survive a few months. A gracious donor provided the funds needed for Hutch's surgery, and after a successful recovery, Hutch has a whole happy life in front of him! Your donation helps heal [...]

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Ella made the long journey from the South Carolina coast seeking refuge from Hurricane Florence. She arrived at midnight along with 34 other dogs who evacuated ahead of Hurricane Florence's landfall. Sweet Ella is covered head-to-toe in itchy mange, a skin condition that caused all her hair to fall out and for her skin to [...]

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Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes

Has your Atlanta Humane Society adopted pet changed your life? You can help thousands of animals at AHS this year by submitting your adoption story to the Petco Foundation's Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign! Winning adopters will receive a Petco shopping spree, and the organization they adopted from will receive up to $100,000 in lifesaving [...]

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Toodles is a precious 1-year-old Shih-tzu mix, and this little guy has a big problem. We aren't sure how it happened, but Toodles ended up at DeKalb County Animal Services with a severely broken femur. X-rays revealed that the bone was badly damaged, and Tootles was unable to use the leg at all.  Our Shelter [...]

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