Amber was in desperate need of emergency care. She couldn’t stand, walk, or even lift her head, had wounds all over her body and was covered head to toe in blood. Your support allowed us to provide her the immediate life-saving care she needed. 

Our friends at Fulton County Animal Services picked her up off the street and called us for assistance providing the round-the-clock care that she needed just to survive. Her owner had moved away several years ago and left poor Amber to fend for herself. Even with the best possible care, we weren’t sure she was going to make it through the night. 

We gave her pain medication, constant IV fluids, a nourishing meal, and cleaned her painful wounds. Miraculously, sweet Amber survived the night, and your support gave her the hope she needed to finally lift her head. 

Day by day, Amber is getting stronger. She can stand and walk on her own, and her appetite is returning after the horrendous trauma she endured. She was diagnosed with heartworm disease and severe arthritis, but Amber knows that she is safe in our care and is receiving more love than she has ever had before. 


Your generous support allows us to provide emergency medical care to animals just like Amber whenever they need us. Please consider a life-saving gift today.