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Cal Morgan

Cal Morgan, President and CEO

  • 2019 Impact Report

2019… Thanks to You!

January 3rd, 2020|Comments Off on 2019… Thanks to You!

Tails are wagging and hearts are purring this morning. The lights are on, bowls are filled, crates are cleaned, and dogs and cats are meeting their new families. Because of you. In 2019, you helped animals across our community in more ways than ever before. With your support, it's exciting to think about what can be done in 2020. We’re proud to work together with animal advocates, animal welfare organizations, community partners, - and especially you - to save lives. From all the staff, volunteers, and on behalf of the animals, thank you and happy 2020! For a special thank you and look at all your support makes possible, plus other ways you can help save animals in our community, please visit Gratefully, Cal Morgan President and CEO View the 2019 Atlanta [...]

  • Renewal 2020

Renewal 2020: Friends Like You

January 2nd, 2020|Comments Off on Renewal 2020: Friends Like You

As the new year begins, I am once again filled with hope for homeless and hurting pets throughout the metro Atlanta area. Why? The reason is quite simple: friends like you. I am so thankful to have you in our Supporter Family! Your generosity makes it possible for the Atlanta Humane Society to rescue, protect and find forever homes for deserving dogs and cats, like Natasha and Stravinsky. Stravinsky, a tiny 3-month-old kitten, came to AHS from an overcrowded rural shelter. When we examined him, our Shelter Medicine Team discovered he had a severe heart murmur. Stravinsky was placed in a loving foster home for the special attention he needed. We helped provide him an echocardiogram and the extended care he needed to thrive. Then there’s Natasha, a 3-year-old hound mix, who came to AHS [...]

  • Trey

2019 Holiday Drive to Save Lives

December 12th, 2019|Comments Off on 2019 Holiday Drive to Save Lives

The holidays are a special time filled with love, sharing and, most importantly, family. Like all puppies, Trey and his five littermates wanted nothing more than to be cuddled up safely in a warm place. But life wasn’t kind to them. They were left alone and abandoned at an apartment complex without their mother. At just a few weeks old, it was amazing they survived long enough for a good Samaritan to find them and take them to a local shelter. They were transferred to the Atlanta Humane Society by our shelter partner for the immediate care that the young litter needed. When they arrived, they were whimpering from neglect and fear. They all weighed less than two pounds, and something else was wrong with little Trey... he was missing most of his front right [...]

  • Toby

Give today to save animals like Toby!

October 2nd, 2019|Comments Off on Give today to save animals like Toby!

Your support does incredible things year-round for the Atlanta Humane Society. Because of your gifts, so many homeless and neglected animals in our community get a second chance. Every gift you give to AHS is put to use thoughtfully and efficiently to help as many animals as possible. Your generous support gives these homeless and abused animals the second chance they deserve. And with your gift today, you can help more vulnerable animals in our community —like Toby. Toby was just two months old when he arrived at AHS, small, fragile and broken. His front leg was fractured and every excited hop ended in immense pain. He wanted nothing more than to play like a normal puppy, but he just couldn’t. With his bones still growing, Toby’s leg was placed in a cast. A foster [...]

  • Perry Boulevard

Perry Boulevard

September 22nd, 2019|Comments Off on Perry Boulevard

I’m so excited to share with you that the Atlanta Humane Society has finalized the purchase of 5 acres of land just west of the city. This property, located in the Rockdale neighborhood on Perry Boulevard, is across the road from the evolving Quarry Yards development and will be an important new piece in the Atlanta Humane Society’s long history in Atlanta. This land is more than twice the size of our current property in West Midtown and will provide AHS the opportunity to develop a forward-thinking facility that addresses the ever-changing needs of animal welfare and our communities. The property is right along the same corridor where we were founded more than 146 years ago and is just a few miles from our current location on Howell Mill Road. The development of [...]

  • Shelley

Your Love Changes Everything

September 11th, 2019|Comments Off on Your Love Changes Everything

Like most dogs, Shelley hoped for a life of love and safety. Unfortunately, Shelley’s life in a wretched puppy mill was full of filth, neglect and loneliness. When we rescued her with 32 other dogs, she was suffering and in terrible pain from a complete lack of much-needed medical care. When Shelley got to the Atlanta Humane Society, her tiny, frail body was matted from head to toe, and she could barely see from the thick mats hanging from her face. At 11 years old, her teeth were completely rotten, which made it exceedingly difficult for her to eat. In the hands of our Shelter Medicine Team, sweet Shelley was able to overcome her horrible past. She was bathed, professionally groomed and given lots of affection and love. As our Shelter Medicine Team examined her, [...]

  • Harriet

$250,000 Matching Gift Extended

August 26th, 2019|Comments Off on $250,000 Matching Gift Extended

I have great news that’s also quite urgent — Our extraordinarily committed friends Charles and Virginia Bagley created a designated fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta in order to benefit the Atlanta Humane Society in perpetuity. Their generosity is enabling a match up to $250,000 for every dollar you give by September 30. If you want to help, there is no better time than right now. Our shelter is bursting at the seams with dogs and cats like little Harriet, the dog shown above. Harriet was surrendered with her whole family — her mom, dad and her brother. Her skin was so raw and scabbed that it was hard to tell what kind of animal she was. Their owner was no longer able to care for them and was at a loss as [...]

  • Harriet

$250,000 Matching Gift

July 24th, 2019|Comments Off on $250,000 Matching Gift

I have outstanding news: Our extraordinarily committed friends Charles and Virginia Bagley created a designated fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta in order to benefit the Atlanta Humane Society in perpetuity. Their generosity is enabling a match up to $250,000 for every dollar you give by August 22, 2019. That means your gift will be doubled — helping save twice as many animals! And when you become a Caregivers Club monthly donor, your first six months’ gifts will be doubled! I hope you’ll donate today to take advantage of this rare match opportunity. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Right now, our shelter is bursting at the seams with dogs and cats like little Harriet, the dog shown above. Harriet was surrendered with her whole family — her mom, dad and [...]

  • Brownie

Urgent Summer Fund Drive

June 27th, 2019|Comments Off on Urgent Summer Fund Drive

If you’ve ever burned your feet on hot concrete or felt your mouth go dry the moment you step outside into the heat, you can understand why summer is such a dangerous season for homeless and forgotten animals in the metro Atlanta area. During these brutal months, the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) is faced with animals who suffer from dehydration and heatstroke. Mothers are desperately trying to care for their litters of kittens and puppies who were born during the annual spring “baby boom.” This, in turn, leads to an increase in competition for food and water when these vital resources are already in short supply. At the same time, support drops because many of our loyal friends are traveling or busy with their families. The strain this causes threatens our ability to care for [...]

  • Annual Loyal Friend Survey

Annual Loyal Friend Survey

June 22nd, 2019|Comments Off on Annual Loyal Friend Survey

Do you want to save even more homeless and abused animals? Share your ideas on several of the Atlanta Humane Society’s key issues. It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete our Annual Loyal Friend Survey. But the impact you have will affect our entire year. The deadline to complete the survey is June 30, so please complete the survey by then or sooner if possible. Your answers will guide us to inspire more animal lovers like you who make our lifesaving work possible. Also, as we are a local organization, we receive no government money or funds from national organizations and rely solely on private support. The direction we gather from your answers will help ensure we reach the right people efficiently and effectively. And of course, the more [...]