Your compassion for homeless and abandoned animals is heartwarming!

And as we enter 2019 — a year that promises many new challenges — I’m hopeful that I can count on you to support the Atlanta Humane Society.

With your amazing generosity, you can give many vulnerable dogs and cats second chances — just like you did for Samantha and Bucky.

Samantha arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society seeking refuge from Hurricane Florence. She needed more help than the other pups who arrived with her. Sweet Samantha had big splotches of lost hair and skin irritation and was badly malnourished and terrified. She needed weeks of specialized care and lots of love. Samantha was placed in a foster home to heal physically, gain confidence and learn to trust people again.

Tiny Bucky, a gray tiger kitten with soulful eyes, was brought to our friends at DeKalb County Animal Services with a severe injury. He couldn’t put any weight on his front left paw. They reached out to us, and we gladly took this guy into our care. Our expert Shelter Medicine Team performed X-rays and saw that Bucky’s leg was badly broken and would need to be removed to stop his terrible pain. The surgery was a success, and this cute fluffy kitten was tucked into a caring foster family.

These are just two of the many animals who have a second chance thanks to supporters like you. It is only through your continued generosity that we were able to save them!

In the last year, your support also helped AHS:

  • Place 10,000 dogs and cats in forever homes
  • Spay or neuter 11,100 pets to prevent overpopulation
  • Rescue 300 animals from harm’s way in hurricane areas, animal cruelty cases, hoarding environments and other inhumane situations
  • And so much more!

This is all wonderful progress — but as I’m sure you realize, our work is far from finished.

Many more animals need to be rescued, healed and placed in loving homes. That’s why I hope you’ll continue your support this year.

Please make your 2019 renewal gift of whatever you can give today. Make this a year of hope and second chances for homeless, abandoned, sick and injured cats and dogs in our community.

Thank you in advance for being a true friend to animals in need.

With sincere gratitude,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO

P.S. Please help rescue animals in urgent need in the coming year by renewing your support today.