The holidays are a special time filled with love, sharing and, most importantly, family.

Like all puppies, Trey and his five littermates wanted nothing more than to be cuddled up safely in a warm place. But life wasn’t kind to them. They were left alone and abandoned at an apartment complex without their mother.

At just a few weeks old, it was amazing they survived long enough for a good Samaritan to find them and take them to a local shelter. They were transferred to the Atlanta Humane Society by our shelter partner for the immediate care that the young litter needed.

When they arrived, they were whimpering from neglect and fear. They all weighed less than two pounds, and something else was wrong with little Trey… he was missing most of his front right leg.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, our staff and volunteers gave them the snuggles and love every baby needs. Our Shelter Medicine Team examined little Trey to ensure that he didn’t have any other deformities that needed attention and rushed all six siblings into loving foster homes where they could receive the 24/7 care they needed to survive.

Trey was by far the smallest and weakest, and life on three legs was hard to navigate, but his foster mom helped him grow and adjust. Without your support, Trey and his siblings may have had a very different outcome. But because of you, all six of these tiny lives were saved.

Trey is spending this holiday, and every day, surrounded by what every pet needs: a loving family to keep him happy and safe.

This is an incredible story . . . but there are still many other animals in our community who need help and care.

As the winter months approach, we need your support to care for the innocent dogs and cats who are abandoned and abused. During this time of year, our resources are stretched to the limit.

As a no-kill shelter, every animal who comes to AHS is cared for and loved for as long as it takes to find their forever family and home, except in rare cases where an animal has a serious medical or behavioral issue that is not treatable or rehabilitatable.

Will you come to their rescue by joining our 2019 Holiday Drive to Save Lives today? We launched this campaign to raise the funds to help us care for every animal who comes through our doors this holiday season and beyond.

You can make a lifesaving difference simply with your donation:

  • $50 can rescue animals from cruelty.
  • $100 can provide lifesaving vaccinations and medical care.
  • $250 can provide safe shelter for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

A gift of any amount will help save the lives of vulnerable animals in the metro Atlanta area!

Thank you for your generous support that helps give happy endings to thousands of deserving animals like Trey every year.

Best wishes for the holidays,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO

P.S. Please help us save more animals this year and in the years to come by supporting the 2019 Holiday Drive to Save Lives. Thank you!