Founded and Supported by Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation

Atlanta Humane Society began the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Georgia Initiative, including the Surgical Utility Vehicle (SUV), in the fall of 2010 with generous donations provided by Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation. Additional support is provided by The Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. This program enables the Atlanta Humane Society to assist in the fight against pet overpopulation in the state of Georgia by travelling outside of the metro Atlanta area to perform low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to underserved communities.

The state-of-the-art mobile Surgical Utility Vehicle (SUV) was designed to provide mobile spay and neuter services for individuals who are unable to access either of the Atlanta Humane Society metro-Atlanta area locations.

The SUV makes rounds to various locations outside the metro Atlanta area throughout the year providing low-cost spay and neuter services. Surgeries are scheduled by appointment only; walk-ins will not be accommodated. Scheduling is currently being conducted through local ambassadors (see chart below).

For more information on the SUV program, please contact your local ambassador or leave a detailed message on the Atlanta Humane Society’s SUV voicemail system at 404.974.2886. Messages left on the system will be returned within 48 hours (Tues-Sat). Please do not leave more than one message.

The costs to have a dog or cat spayed or neutered on the SUV is as follows:

  • Male/Female cats:  $35*
  • Male/Female dogs: $40*

The prices reflected above include a complimentary rabies vaccination and microchip if needed(a $45 value). You may also opt to receive an additional three day supply of pain medication for an additional $5.

Because the SUV program offers a high-volume spay and neuter environment and spacing is limited, the following are NOT ELIGIBLE for spay and neuter services through the SUV program:

  • Pregnant/in heat(dogs)/lactating
  • Dogs 6 years of age or older (5 years and older for dogs >50lbs)
  • Crypt orchid (undescended testicles)
  • Trapped/feral/aggressive
  • In poor general health/has pre-existing conditions (ex: heartworm
    positive, obese, severe dental concerns, upper respiratory infection, certain medications, etc.)
  • Dogs weighing more than 65 pounds
  • Brachycephalic Breeds (ie: English Bulldog)
Please note that it is now mandatory that each pet spayed and neutered through this program will receive a small tattoo located near the incision site verifying that he/she has been altered.

Please click here for more information on the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and to find out more about our low cost spay and neuter program.

An updated schedule of SUV dates and locations are listed below:

Surgical Utility Vehicle Spay & Neuter Schedule

November 11-12, 2015 White County, GA White County Animal Control
Phone: 706.219.2689
November 18-19, 2015 Clarke County, GA Clarke County Animal Control Cat Shelter
Phone: 706.613.3887
November 25, 2015 Polk County, GA Pampered Pets
Phone: 404.671.5145
December 2-3, 2015 Walton County, GA Heidi Kuluris
Phone: 678.517.2143
December 9-10, 2015 Lumpkin County, GA Lumpkin County Animal Services
Phone: 706.867.7297
December 16-17, 2015 Pike County, GA Amy Smith
Register Online:
December 23, 2015 Polk County, GA Pampered Pets
Phone: 404.671.5145
December 30-31, 2015 Bibb County, GA Brandi Betancourt
Phone: 478.394.0724
January 6-7, 2015 Polk County, GA Oconee Region Humane Society
Phone: 404.671.5145
January 13-14 2015 Morgan County, GA Humane Society of Morgan County
Phone: 706.343.9977
January 20-21, 2015 Lamar County, GA Dolly Goodpuppy
Phone: 770.500.4433
January 27-28, 2015 Habersham County, GA Habersham Humane Society
Phone: 706.839.1040

* Additional dates will be added to the schedule as they become available