Proud Pet Parent

Welcome Atlanta Humane Society Proud Pet Parents!
Thank you for adopting from us and for joining a special group of people who adopted their new best friend from the Atlanta Humane Society.  We hope you and your pet are enjoying life together! This page is yours and full of great information as you start your life with your new pet.

Pet Parent Checklist

  • Pet Care Center
    Check out the Pet Care Center on the AHS website for information on the top topics new pet parents have questions about.
  • Visit the Vet
    Your adoption packet contains information on how to set up your VCA veterinary appointment within the first 10 days of adoption. Our AHS Veterinary Center is open to the public and supports animals at AHS who are still looking for a home, just like your new best friend was. Your pet is already in our system so it’s easy to call them at 404-875-6420& to set up your appointment schedule.
  • Upload your pet’s records
    Keep your pet’s veterinary records safe and online. By downloading the Activ4Pets app, you’ll be able to keep your pet’s health at your fingertips and track their wellness. 
  • Learn about your pet’s Food
    Your pet went home with a bag of Purina pet food. Learn why Purina is the best choice for your pet and why keeping them on Purina is the best choice you can make. 
  • Sign up for pet insurance
    You don’t want to be caught off guard when something unexpected happens. You received a free 30 trial of pet insurance with PetFirst. If you didn’t get the chance to activate it at the time of adoption, you can do so now! Simply call 855-710-7387 with your adoption paperwork handy and be sure to visit PetFirst’s website for more information on pet insurance plans and why having insurance is a vital part of being a pet parent.

Adoption Photos

May 2017 Adoptions

May Adoptions

February 2017 Adoptions

February 2017 Adoptions

January 2017 Adoptions

January 2017 Adoptions

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