Gumby was abandoned in a parking lot. Dumped thoughtlessly in a plastic tub, and he was found terrified and whimpering in pain. We wrapped him up and told him it was going to be alright-- he was finally safe.  Our Shelter Medicine Team gave him a thorough examination, and x-rays revealed a massive break in [...]

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We first met Ziggy in a small town outside of Orlando, Florida. Hurricane Irma was threatening the entire Southeastern US, and the Atlanta Humane Society took two large vans to Florida to evacuate animals before the storm hit. The instant we saw her, we knew she was special.  She was very loved by her friends [...]

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Today, your donation can help provide comfort to animals in our care.  Poor Peanut came into our care scared to death. His bones are protruding from his side, and he wont let anyone near him. He weighs just 8 pounds. Half of what he should.   But, thanks to your incredible support we are able [...]

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He didn't want to eat, was cold, sick to his stomach and depressed. Sweet Whitaker had become a victim to a horrible disease called parvo. Parvo is a harsh reality and most shelters are unable to treat the disease. But, thanks to your incredible support and our amazing Shelter Medicine Team, we are able to [...]

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Booger is a staff and volunteer favorite because of his handsome appearance and his overwhelming charm! He loves his regular walks around the cat room, looking in on his fellow residents, and checking out all the corners to see what's new. Booger likes people and his personal time with volunteers bring cuddled and [...]

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Sierra came to us from Houston along with 100 other dogs and cats. These pets were already at the Houston SPCA prior to the hurricane, and by transporting them into our care, we're enabling space to be freed up in the shelter there for lost and displaced animals so that they can be reunited with [...]

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Birdie arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society just a few days ago from Fulton County Animal Services. She was covered in painful lesions, and her skin was swollen, itchy, and inflamed.  Today, your donation will be doubled to provide Birdie and animals like her twice the loving care.     Our Shelter Medicine Team and Foster [...]

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