Willie’s Second Chance

Willie was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society from one of our transfer partners, a Border Collie/ Kangaroo mix who was destined to our steal hearts. He went through the normal vet process of spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations, and soon after, we noticed that Willie had an odd “pulse” on his neck. Not just any pulse, not just a soft [...]

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Meet Lulu

  Plott Hound mix Lulu is a real looker with a smashing personality to match! This 2-year-old sweetheart will greet you with imploring eyes, just begging for a walk outside! She’s great on the leash and has quickly mastered her basic tricks. Lulu is a clever girl who loves cuddle time and belly rubs in [...]

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Meet Starsky!

Starsky is our Undercover Chihuahua!  Whenever we look for him, we first check under the blanket on his bed because he's always buried underneath. Starsky fit right into his foster home and quickly caught on to the routine with an almost perfect housebreaking record.  Starsky is attempting to drop a few pounds and since he [...]

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