Kelly was left in a box

Kelly needs your support - donate today, Thursday, May 25 before midnight, and your donation will be doubled to provide it to her. The doorbell rang, and when she got there, no one was at at the door. A figured darted away into the distance, and she heard a small whimper. When she looked down, she saw a [...]

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Rose and Sophia

Sweet Sophia was terrified when she came into our care. This elderly girl was placed in our play yard with a few other dogs. She was underweight, suffering from heartworm disease, and she can hardly see. This left her feeling confused and overwhelmed. Sophia shook, cowered, and wouldn't come near anyone. Until we paired [...]

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Carl came to the Atlanta Humane Society from one of our transfer partners. Soon after his arrival, our Shelter Medicine Team diagnosed him with pulmonic stenosis, which means this 7 month old was born with a very weak heart. Thanks to your support, we were able to diagnose and start Carl on life-saving treatment.  Although there is [...]

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Adopt a Lake Buddy

All dogs 40 pounds and up are fee-waived from Monday, May 22 through Sunday, May 28 Memorial Day weekend is here. The cabin is booked and the beer is already chilling in the fridge. But something feels like it's missing.  And it is.  You need a lake buddy. You need a dog who loves to romp in the lake, who [...]

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Calla is just one of the 307 animals who came into our care this week. Many of these animals, including Calla, will receive specialized medical care from our Shelter Medicine Team and specialized behavioral enrichment from our Animal Care Team thanks to your support. We transfer animals like Calla into our care from our friends [...]

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Your donation will be matched to help puppies and kittens

Puppy and kitten season has hit, and Atlanta's tiniest creatures need you. We have hundreds of puppies and kittens in our care already, and hundreds more who will need your support this summer. Our resources are already strained, your support is needed now to care for all of these precious pets. Your donation before Thursday, [...]

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Hannah was a Victim of Neglect

A red string was embedded deeply in her neck. The string had clearly been there for weeks or months - a result of severe neglect. As her neck grew, the string became tighter and tighter, eventually piercing her neck's skin and muscle. But Hannah couldn't do anything about it. We can only imagine how many weeks and months she [...]

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Ember and Flame – united just in time for Mother’s Day

  A week before Mother's Day, Ember lost her entire newborn litter. She was devastated. She was brought into the Atlanta Humane Society for a second chance and had no idea that someone would come into the shelter in need of her as much as she needed him. Flame was orphaned. He had lost his mom and [...]

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Apricot’s Story

Apricot was transferred to us from a local animal control facility needing a place to heal. When she came to us she had painful abscesses covering her paws, and she'd recently had one of her back legs amputated. We're not exactly sure what happened to Apricot, but we think she was hit by a car and was [...]

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