Gecko was thrown from a moving vehicle and hit by a car. His back two legs were broken. Now, he requires daily pain medication, bandage changes, X-rays, and specialized care. Your gift now can help give him the support and comfort he needs to heal. Gecko and his siblings were tossed from a [...]

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A local animal control agency contacted the Atlanta Humane Society's Shelter Medicine Team in need of assistance; sweet Snow was in dire need of an operation on her leg.  Before the operation, our Veterinarians performed X-Rays in order to fully understand Snow's condition. What they found was shocking. In addition to needing an operation on [...]

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Ke Ke

Ke Ke can't wait to meet you! This sweet 9-year-old girl is so ready to find her forever home. Ke Ke can only eat wet food because she has no teeth! But she doesn't mind one bit- she loves wet food! Her favorite is Purina brand chicken and liver flavor, but she's not picky.   [...]

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Raider has been looking for his forever home for over two months! This kitty is a handsome older gentleman with a sweet personality. At 10 years old, Raider just wants to find a quiet place to call his own! Sweet Raider loves spending time with people and being pet! He's not particularly fond of being [...]

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You can help us care for Bridget by donating now.    She was covered in abrasions, shivering and absolutely terrified. Huddled on the ledge of a bridge off I-20. She had lost all hope. Cars were whizzing past her. And with each one that zoomed past, she became more and more fearful. Bridget had no where to turn, no where to [...]

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Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when we first met sweet Beauty, but our shelter medicine team was surprised at what it saw in her x-rays. During a routine exam, we were shocked when Beauty's x-rays revealed over 25 bullet fragments in her abdomen. Thankfully, these bullet fragments are old and no longer cause her any pain, but they [...]

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Rose and Sophia

Sweet Sophia was terrified when she came into our care. This elderly girl was placed in our play yard with a few other dogs. She was underweight, suffering from heartworm disease, and she can hardly see. This left her feeling confused and overwhelmed. Sophia shook, cowered, and wouldn't come near anyone. Until we paired [...]

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