Hurricane Irma

Our team is working to keep the animals in the path of Irma safe from harm. We've taken in more than 400 animals so far and are preparing for hundreds more. So, what's our biggest need right now? Right now, our biggest need is monetary donations. By donating online right now, you're providing immediate [...]

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Booger is a staff and volunteer favorite because of his handsome appearance and his overwhelming charm! He loves his regular walks around the cat room, looking in on his fellow residents, and checking out all the corners to see what's new. Booger likes people and his personal time with volunteers bring cuddled and [...]

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Sierra came to us from Houston along with 100 other dogs and cats. These pets were already at the Houston SPCA prior to the hurricane, and by transporting them into our care, we're enabling space to be freed up in the shelter there for lost and displaced animals so that they can be reunited with [...]

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Birdie arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society just a few days ago from Fulton County Animal Services. She was covered in painful lesions, and her skin was swollen, itchy, and inflamed.  Today, your donation will be doubled to provide Birdie and animals like her twice the loving care.     Our Shelter Medicine Team and Foster [...]

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Rocko came to us from Clayton County Animal Control, and although it was clear that he had experienced severe trauma in his life, his eyes were trusting and kind. Your donation today will be doubled to provide Rocko and animals like him twice the loving care. Deep, severe scars covered his back, head, [...]

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It's not just kitten season - it's everything season! And while the discovery of unattended kittens, baby birds, or even bunnies can seem like a heartwarming chance to save a life, the best course of action may not be what you think. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the most important thing you can do [...]

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UPDATE: Precious Arnie received weeks of top-quality care from our Shelter Medicine Team in a loving foster home, and now he is ready for adoption! All of his hair has grown back, and he is living the good life with his foster brother, Dewey.  Donate now to give more animals a happy ending-- [...]

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She was hiding at a construction site. Scared, alone, covered in filth, and suffering from a painful eye infection. A kind man saw her, swooped her up and brought her to his local county shelter, DeKalb County Animal Services. When she came in, we were already there transferring animals in need into our care. And [...]

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Reese was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society just in time. As a full grown Labrador Retriever, he weighed a meager 45 pounds-- he was starving. He needed immediate medical care, and your support allowed us to provide it. Your donation now will ensure we're able to continue to be there for Reese and animals [...]

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