Adventures of Eli, an Atlanta Humane Society Alum

It’s safe to say that I am way overdue on a blog post about Eli’s adventures! But there’s a pretty good reason, I promise. Eli is no longer adventuring on his own. He has a new baby sister!! Well, a new puppy sister. And it’s also safe to say that she’s been keeping me very, very busy! It’s been 3 years since I’ve had a puppy, and they are a lot of work.

Friends, I’d like to introduce Emily, our newest addition.

Emily, 3 months

Emily was about 3 months old when I adopted her on July 31st. She came to Atlanta Humane Society from another shelter–one of our transfer partners. I fostered her for a few days while she was getting over a little cold. Then she went up for adoption and the thought of letting her go was just too much to bear. Emily reminded me SO much of Eli when he was a puppy–laid back, calm, a little goofy, a lot loving. My husband and I tried telling ourselves it wasn’t the right time. We are in the process of moving, and we both drive small cars (how will they ever fit?!). But when you know, you know. And thus, Emily became a Slocumb.

On the left, the day I adopted Eli. On the right, the day I adopted Emily.

She fits right in to our little family. Eli wasn’t thrilled at first. He is used to getting all of the attention–and a lot it! He’ll still put himself between you and Emily when you’re giving out head scratches. But he seems to like her now, and they even play together. She brings out the puppy in him! She, of course, thinks he hung the moon, and she follows him everywhere. If only he’d teach her that we potty outside, not inside…

Someone’s happy. Someone else…not so much.

Emily grows more and more every day. She’s turning out to be tall and slender like her big brother. Which means I better start looking for a new vehicle pronto!

I get a lot of looks on the highway.

Get ready for the New Adventures of Eli and Emily!

So in love.