Adventures of Eli and Emily: A Year in Review

I made personal New Year’s Resolutions and professional New Year’s Resolutions. One of my professional goals is to blog more consistently. So I’m going to pick back up with the Adventures of Eli and Emily series, starting with a recap of 2013!

My husband and I started 2013 with just one dog–Eli. By January of last year, we had been living with my in-laws for a couple of months while we were house hunting. When we first moved in, my father-in-law (Pop) was all, “That dog is staying downstairs at all times.” By time we moved out in October, we had to pry Eli and Pop apart. Everyone who meets Eli loves him. It never fails.

We adopted Emily from the Atlanta Humane Society at the end of July. We hadn’t planned on getting another dog until after we moved. But that didn’t matter to Emily. She picked us. Eli was less than thrilled at first, but she’s grown on him the past 5 months.

They’ve had lots of fun adventures together over the past 6 months. First it was the Atlanta Braves game for Bark in the Park.

Then came Halloween. The picture below pretty much sums up Eli and Emily’s personalities. Eli hates being dressed up. Emily loves, well, everything.

And because Eli and Emily were so good this year (That’s a lie…Emily has been very, very naughty. But she’s so stinkin’ cute that I let it go), we took them to see Santa at Atlantic Station.

Emily is still growing. She’s very much a puppy–chewing on a million things she’s not supposed to, busting out of every crate I put her in, peeing on the floor when she knows she’s supposed to go outside. But it’s a new year, and we’re going to work on training. That should make for some fun blogs… Here’s to a new year filled with lots of new adventures! Where would you like to see Eli and Emily visit next?