From the President

Cal Morgan, President and CEO


Dear Friends:

As fall begins, your Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) continues to be a rescuer of animals in need!  Recently, we helped local law enforcement officials in Macon, Georgia close down a puppy mill and rescue 74 small breed dogs such as Miniature Poodles, Cockapoos, Schnauzers, Bichon-poos and Schnoodle  Mixes.  These animals were being housed in inhumane and unsanitary conditions; and many of them have eye and ear infections as well as lice.

Back at the Atlanta Humane Society, we have begun the process of giving them medical care, treatment, housing, grooming and most of all, unconditional love.  They will all be nursed back to health and placed in secure, loving forever homes.  At the same time, AHS will be working with law enforcement in the preparation of animal cruelty charges against this breeder.  This is what your support helps us do along with finding homes for over 8,000 other dogs and cats this year alone.

We look at a case like this and shake our heads.  Perhaps you are angry to hear about such exploitation.  I know I am.  The question then becomes:  how can I help?

I’d like to invite you to get involved by joining me and thousands of your friends, neighbors and co-workers at the Walk for the Animals on Sunday, October 18th at Atlantic Station.  Your participation will help us raise awareness and funds to continue fighting animal cruelty and neglect in our state.   Please visit our Walk website at, form a team and then plan to come out with your beloved pet and take a walk to fight animal cruelty!  We will make a statement to our community – we care about the plight of animals, and we will stand up and make a difference for them!

The funds raised from this important event will help Atlanta Humane Society operate our two Metro Atlanta shelters 365 days a year, keep our mobile spay neuter hospital on the road 50 weeks a year, and give us the resources to respond to animals in crisis like we did in Macon.  Come and join us and let’s Walk for the Animals together!

Grateful for your support,





Cal Morgan, President and CEO