From the President

Cal Morgan, President and CEO


Dear Friends:

As we enter the holiday season, I’m pleased to introduce you to our holiday campaign:  “All I Want is LOVE”!  Our campaign is based upon the story of a beautiful girl named Hannah.  If you see our billboards around town or see her on our website, you are immediately attracted to her big brown eyes.  Those eyes tell a story:  Hannah was abandoned as a puppy and brought to Atlanta Humane Society.  She had been neglected, underfed and had received no veterinary care.

Those brown eyes were dull and lifeless as she was brought into our Howell Mill Admissions Center.  The staff there looked at her and immediately went into action.  She was given fluids, bloodwork was taken, medical care was given and most of all, she was given lots of LOVE!

She didn’t recover overnight.  Hannah developed a skin condition that needed treatment, her immune system was weakened, and she needed to be isolated from other animals while she grew stronger.  But in her eyes you could see another chapter of this story….she was a fighter.  She longed to survive and the good news is SHE DID!

When you look into those beautiful brown eyes, you can see hope as well.  Hope for other animals who will be abandoned and neglected.  Hope for animals in puppy mills who need to be rescued.  Hope for animals that are in need of special care.  Hope for animals who come to Atlanta Humane Society where they stay until they get a home.

All Hannah wanted was LOVE.  All animals want is LOVE.  At Atlanta Humane Society we give them LOVE every day of the year.  The only way we can do that is with your help.

Won’t you join us in our holiday campaign by making a gift?  Help us give them the LOVE they deserve and we promise it will be the best gift you can give… to help the many “Hannahs” who come through our doors every day!

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons,





Cal Morgan, President and CEO